Do you also travel to Henderson, NV?

  • Yes! We also travel to Henderson as well as anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley!

What is a Sip and Paint Party?

  • A sip and paint party are where you are instructed step-by-step to create a featured painting while enjoying a beverage. Wine is a popular choice while painting. 

Where do you have a Private Sip and Paint Party?

  • We come to you for your convenience. Many people will host them in their homes depending on space. Larger parties have been held outside in the backyard when weather permits. Event halls can be rented depending on your budget. Another popular option is Airbnbs. 

What do I provide for a Sip and Paint Party?

  • You just need to provide a place for painters to paint and whatever food or beverages you like!

Can I serve alcohol at my Sip and Paint Party?

  • You can serve what ever beverage you like at your party! That is one of the perks about having a mobile sip and paint party!

What will I paint at a Sip and Paint Party?

  • You will paint the featured painting of the night picked out by your host.

What if I'm not an artist at a Sip and Paint Party?

  • There is no need for any experience! Many of my painters are painting for the first time or not since kindergarten. I will walk you through the painting step-by-step!

Can I paint something different than the featured painting at a Sip and Paint Party?

  • Creativity is encouraged and you can paint whatever you like, although remember I will be teaching just the one painting step-by-step and won't be able to tell you how to paint yours. 

Do you also do Paint and Puff Parties?

  • Yes, we also do paint and puff, but you supply your own puff products.

Do you offer Children's Paint Parties?

  • Yes, we do you can find more information under our Private Parties Tab, and you can call with any questions you might have 702-931-6008.

Do you offer public paint and sip classes?

  • Yes! We are now at Mi Amor Art Studio M-Th 7pm. Must RSVP to attend, you can get tickets under the events tab. 4245 South Grand Canyon Dr. #125 Las Vegas, NV 89147.

What if there is another shut down because of Covid?

  • If there is a shut down for Covid all events will become virtual on Zoom and arrangements will be made to pick up your supplies.

Do you offer Bachelorette Paint Parties?

  • Yes, we do! Ask to see these paintings. Male Model is also available for an additional $250.